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Coupling your caravan

Coupling your car and caravan

Coupling a caravan to a car is quite simple if you follow our simple procedure, you’ll get it right every time!

Always work carefully, safely and methodically. Use the same routine every time you hitch up. Always double check and do not rush.

Before starting the manoeuvre, make sure that both the caravan and the towcar are under control with the car handbrake applied and the caravan hitch brake on.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before coupling for the first time and if in doubt ask your dealer.

The driver should always check that coupling has been completed successfully.

(courtesy: The Caravan Club)

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Looking after your caravan this winter

Caravan vents should be left uncovered to provide adequate air circulation inside the caravan, however if your caravan is left in an exposed or salty location, the vents on the side of the prevailing wind can be closed off for winter. If you have regular access to your caravan you could place some moisture absorbing crystals (available in our shop) in cupboards, under beds, etc to reduce the risk of condensation, but these do require frequent changing. You could also put a low wattage heater in your caravan to minimise the damp and condensation. If possible remove the soft furnishings and store in a warm, dry place at home.

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Walls and ceilings should be wiped over with a mild anti-bacterial solution eg. Dettox or something similar. Cupboards should be emptied, cleaned and vacuumed out. Small doors can be left ajar to assist ventilation, but larger doors should be closed as they can warp.

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Looking after your caravan

Looking after your caravan

How to keep your caravan safe and protect your investment.

Your caravan is a road vehicle so you are legally obliged to keep it roadworthy. The best way to do this is to have it serviced annually. The service will cover running gear, brakes, and lights.

The service will also include the habitation side of the caravan. The water, gas, electrical and heating systems will all be checked and maintained. The dealer who does the service should also check for any damp or leaks in the basic structure of your caravan.

Some people enjoy their caravans all year round. However, if you decide to store your caravan during the winter months, it’s worth taking the time to do a few jobs before leaving it.